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Flying Saucer

by Odder Moniker & Benign

Released 2014
Released 2014
A split album, featuring Odder Moniker and Benign; Side one uses a mix of bass guitars, drums, keyboards, growls and whispers; Side two uses more of a punk and hip hop style, that is presented universally, politically, and thought provokingly.
  • 03:43 Lyrics
    underneatha Rose Bush

    It's the story of a rat
    And she loved more than you
    And she's probably cuter too
    Lemme tell you all about my Dixie-poo
    One year is your century
    Too fast to the parting of the sensory/ If memory served me it would be cake/ cookies/ yogurt/ well/ anything but strawberries/ Finish that off with an applestick to chew/ Lick the wounds/ But its all over soon
    You look so cute in your cage
    And I wish you could wait/ but I wished this wouldn't be too corny/ That's twice the mistake/ Yesterday you wait/ Today it's late/ and your break my little panda heart with your tiny rat hands/ when you're gripping Meemees finger/ reaching for some graham or a piece of her salad/ wish I could have ran with it/ I'm crammin' it
    I've got my applestick that you've chewed on
    Thanks for making her smile when I couldn't
    Ill never forget you

  • 04:44
    Aimeebear Song (Val)
  • 02:31 Lyrics

    I'm the hardest working man surrounded by gamblers
    I'm making $.10! Thanks for the raise! To think I'm almost worth decent pay.
    I'm getting paid to write this song, oh yeah!
    I'm getting paid to write this song, oh yeah!
    I'm getting paid to write this song, oh yeah!
    Don't worry it's not much out of your pocket. I'm so mad, I cant rap. My pen freestyle. Trapped on a rack. Fact of the matter. Bottom of the shelf. Pupu, no platter. Rather than sad Ill make millions off your dapper mask. If my patter were colored it would be drab and the color of your personality. Why me? taking it and making you feel like it. it had to be

  • 03:27 Lyrics

    Upside down and painted green. Way too far from both sides, in between. On every goddamn word I end with an E. Nice to be by yourself, nice to me. Where will I fit? The traffic is fixed, the earth moves beneath me. Everyone is unhappy. Run laps after agitation and a nervous breakdown. Stress hourglass. Devoured fast. Now yr past/CRASH
    Lack of balance. Packing pockets full of cents (sense?). Rapping, knocking on the door to the penthouse. Doused. Add sour powder to the open wounds. Rolling fools. Out comes the mouse and all his little mice friends. Nice trends. I'm just like them. No talent. All the inspiration in the world. Or maybe one thats not about a girl. Cumin/sugar swirl/pure cocoa hurls. Unfurled.
    1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3.

  • 01:56 Wiped Clean
  • 05:35 Lyrics

    Music, Music. Goodby, sweet music.
    So long it's been good to know you.
    I had you at work and only there
    Now you're where? Oh, despair
    I was better than both replacements and I miss the first one
    Both had twice the paycheck I did twice the work, no don't mind me, I'm not listening anymore. I'm just practicing.
    Let's get this train on the marimba
    Let's get this train on the xylophone
    Let's get this train on the marimba
    Let's get this train on the track
    Got me wishing I was walking Spanish with Jesus up next to the Lord
    Up there, I got nothing to lose, but down here I got a right to sing the Blues.

  • 03:39 Lyrics
    Slim Pickens

    A reflex is all you get for timing, so try hard. Above God's finger's severed. Keep Guard. Patient Universe Marienette, bury the vet in the backyard who got hit trying to chase cars. God still loves me, but I ended it years ago. Hell's above me and the fires are indigo. Months of breaks in my thoughts spilled and left to stain. When was the last time I had a second alone with my own brain? We'll take this planet, redesign it from the core. Cut fingertips off gods so they paint no more. An almost applause to misunderstanding reaction. Takin' admiration, split it into fractions. Don't push til it's barreling behind you. A reflex is all you get, so let it find you. All directions covered. Eyes peeled back, searching air for sound.

    All directions covered. Feet planted firmly on the ground. This breaks and starts again. When did I put down the pen?
    This breaks and starts again. When did I give up my skin? Twist tips, Spark again. What do we put it out in? Put it out, gonna spark it up in a bit. When did I get your attention?

    This breaks and starts again. Come back rewrite it all in one sitting. Together now, inside it's so scattered. Completed broken pieces, crammed til they're fitting moving across an uneven chessboard. Know your place. Stay in line, Stay in form. Took a one day break since daybreak and stopped writing. Arrested the same color pawns, cuz they got caught fighting.

    If you remember one thing, remember everything. Anything as better than nothing. Something to sing..

  • 03:15 Lyrics

    Legitimate grievances avoid us, but the TV don't agree. Plastering diseases to our health before we even read. Who keeps saying we should be so sad? All in All, running water ain't so bad. I think before I am.
    Residual appetite from all this gluttony. Scratching all our itches on the same petrified tree. Before I go home, Before my home Goes..
    Instinct in sync. That is, for now.
    Strip mall paperweights hold us down, at least the parking lots are free. At least in some cases I mean.
    I think beefour I am.

  • 07:30 Lyrics

    Other than undead, I'm OK. I pulled the string and the stick gave way. Traveled thru five states just today to say, "Not much, but I saved you some brain. Get in out of the rain." I call it a home, some just call it a train, but hey. Here, I hold this gnawed-thru string. Stomach hurts but at least it's something. Something. More than alot. Other than undead, there's no pain. Pull a cap over my face. The planet is beautiful, but the world is so plain. Other than undead, I'm in dreams. Skeletons, Old newspapers, and empty streets. Please, I insist. My day's just beginning..

  • 06:07 Lyrics

    First just cells. Then flips, then sliders, then touch. Ironically losing the latter cuz we want too much. She's moving sexy, but depth and meaning ain't what got her. Wants "I'm a beast I'm a dog." Well, I'm a Muthafuckin Planeswalker. Acclaimed talker. Rippin apart the name droppers, Vein rockers, crazed stalkers and grave robbers. Exposing dirty sheets made by crooked coppers. And what makes them sticky is a shocker. So.. I've referred to me as "We," since we started to speak. Weak in the beesknees, we the bleak murky creek. Running thru the abandoned houses in your mind. Pick any door, you'll like what you find. or bounce and grind off. And land smoothly, duly noted, no dinner if I'm caught. and On and on, I'm read and wrong so I try to turn her on... to a book. To the hook, move the rook, stop and look over the fine print. 10 pt font. 1080p HDTV. and if we see any supernatural activity, were calling James Randi.

    I'm gonna redden up that snow. Gonna stiffen that elbow. Gonna turn your defense to reatreat, bout to put on a show. roll one up and spark it up, put on a ceasless drone.

    I'll be casting my spells over you. It's easy they'll tell you what to do. Close your eyes, my warm breath is the cue. Open them to noone. Nothing new. Ina minute, gonna get him ina headlock. Vigilance, first strike, even you could block. Feeding greedy seedy rappers like live stock. Time to stop.

    Making education go harder than a haymaker. How much money do you need to make yourself feel safer? Waiters waking up from barely any sleep. Go out without money and you realize that noone is free. Everyone plays the busy bee, like money is pollen. 3 story house 3 cars, and "How is the economy falling?" I'm Crawling thru these questions. Paying millions for remote control planes. The militaries growing budget may have something to do with our recession, but I'm guessing. Educated estimation. Sedated Meditaion. Questionable medication. Drooling, fading. Riddlin Pill Popping starter kit. Fast acting over the counter Capitalism. Take two and fall...

  • 05:55 Lyrics
    Manual Gap

    A Mile of muddy footprints behind me. My shoe size. Condensation rings. Put my cactus down. Hey that's mine. Erasing my memories before my eyes and replacing them with more construction signs. Do we need another...ah.. Haven't we got enough of those? Guns aren't protecting people. Just thier expensive clothes and Tv's and phones. Oh... I'm switching game modes. At the end of that Big Gulp, you'll find out what you bought. The value of sunlight and a rock.

  • 04:47 Lyrics Alighieri's Stars

    I'm feeling for the ocean. Can be mystic and moody. Pulled on and moving, but stay all calm and proving that soothing sounds can mist from your breath. The Meaning of life, The disdain for death. Stay light on the surface, wonder in everyones head. When they find out whats deep down, noone woulda guessed. Conversations eject like ropes tied with knots. Each knot a subject to tie in the plots. I'm on the deck of a ship in a bottle.
    I'm a message that's disguised as art. I'm a message in a ship in a bottle. Just us, the calm, the ocean, and the stars.
    And in this tangle mass of rope, under/overlapping, fun and laughing, sun and passion. "Son, we're trapping ourselves." The world takes on the shape of a great ball of yarn and if you ask nicely it tells of the possibility of peace if we reach. In we delve. I'm a message that all will tell. I'm a ship in we delve. The gravity is turning. The gravity is switchin over. Climbing up to go down to the stars

  • 04:55 Up All Night
What's weird, unbelievable, and way ahead of it's time? a Flying Saucer.
Odder Moniker and Benign have come together to bring you two halves of a whole record. Get a feel for each of the two artists with this release featuring original music and artwork from Vizzie Inc.

In short, Vizzie Inc is like an alternative folk/punk rap band with split personalities, each personality being one of their solo artists. The crew infuses genre's …
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Consciencness -raising

by benign

Released 02/22/2013
Released 02/22/2013

You'll Never Be More Than a Useless Cartoonist

by Odder Moniker

Released 09/11/2012
Released 09/11/2012
Artwork by Odder Moniker and YOU!! Create your own insert with the physical CD and send it to Odder Moniker for viewing on!
  • 03:16 Lyrics
    Cyndi Lauper (feat. Artiztik)

    Time to watch this moniker become strangely popular like Cyndi Lauper. Don't get me wrong, her voice is annoying, but so is me, and, you see, I think that's been my scheme all along. A long division problem and an improper fraction. Action! Watching reactions happen as I match steps with cracks in the sidewalk. I talk (or try), you have to at the job you work. Water-burg sucks but sometimes hot topic's are worse. Yr liek, "Wot a girl" but, are but a mockingbird. Process the birth. A still-born coffin, you'll learn, is plotting earths escape and take me too, pls. This octosyllabic shit hits. Odder Moniker just ripped you an asshole. Now he picked me, yeah, just like an afro, to tell you motherfuckin' dummies where I came from. I came from another planet, so yeh n***a I'm throwed some. (drop that beat!) Stupid-ass ni***s you can spit at my feet, cuz the ground I walk on is on fire. Bow down bitch I am your sire. Artiztik is my damn name. Dirty South is what I claim. 2BC up in this bitch, and n***a, we don't play no games. Soak yr clothes in premium. Yeh, we' gasolinin' em. Cyndi Lauper sits back and laughs like she's high on helium. Yeh, I know I flattered ya. But you can't be mad at her. Salutations, introduction to algebra, bitch. Wait, so. He's a boy that paints his nails? And walks around with defaced dolls? Unfitted and irregular frays flail in the wind, bending already broken glasses, imprinting the shape on his face. He won the race and remains in the same place; playing chase with the time. Blinded by the beaming sun. He starts to run as it sinks behind the horizon. The night is lying. The sun stays bright, and never goes away. It only multiplies. We never go away, it's simple multiplication.

  • 00:52 Lyrics
    Organised Confusion

    I write this song cuz I'm pissed. from inside a man-made tarpit. Don't add nonsense or change how you see. Don't change for anyone, not even me. Organised Confusion Mind your business. Fuck forgiveness No morals in this. Im no prophet. I'm in lu7v with letters. Better early than never. Severed ties together. Whether we change like weather, Im'a be me. Always wanting you. Use me. Move me. Blew me. YOU me

  • 03:15 Lyrics
    Be Kaiyul

    Keep those calf muscles tight in the slide. In the peel around the marble to the half-rusted flight. Yr flighty when you have the hardest time due to height. Architecture and Art being the first thing on yr mind. Armistice proposed. Arthroscopy time! Cartilige, I hope, will be there and I'll be fine. til a loose lisle rips, and grips tile. Beguiled. Some dumb joke smiles. Sometimes I'm pedantic. Always unwillingly romantic. I sanded the edges. Handled the ledge just fine. Manhandled, I'll leave you alone and brand whats mine. What's mine? Trust time! Frustration must come blind. Some guy isn't me. Riddled around. Time came by, picked up my sum, flies. Can't run. Tied to the railroad tracks. Some dumb joke, smiles. Be ..silent. I rent the space in my head and lint the bass in my breath. High pitched on the right lips. Might this ... syoonevess. sometimes I annoy you. Sometimes I'm closed-minded. Sometimes I avoid you. I choose to be blind. Sometimes I don't reply just for the fun. Others, it's cuz I'd rather run. Sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about and pretend I do, as I want your opinions loud. Sometimes I brag. Sometimes I cry. Obviously, I'll rhyme that with the word "Die" Sometimes I lie. I'm afraid of truth. Sometimes I can't commit. Not even to you. Sometimes I hate you. Sometimes I hate myself. but, most of the time, luv..

  • 03:05 Lyrics
    Onto Philly (This Technically Isn't About You)

    This happens way too often: Conflict. Constricting airways, instructing lungs to reach to the tongue. "Love" is real? and blood is what? It's called science. Learn some. This girl's undumb. Gonna have fun, pick plums and have the most sugar-coated chorus sung. Skip to a run. While yr all "bitch bitch bitch, little sticks and stones" Not in the same zone of what a real problem is. If its not an addiction it's not a real one. Weve got em. Jotted crossed and dotted. We lost em cuz in something like this it costs them. Costumed by lies of yr omnipotent "love." Shoved to the side only works but a mo' and you're all so sure of ..nah, yr all crazy. It's raining my lady, the lavender bangs stopped praying and painted and mayb you'll make it, you look like you fake it, I'm shaking while you're taking the sense of feeling for less than what it's worth. Even Ernie and Bert(codeword:danger!) could easier make it work than you could even think about making a decision. (and give birth with no internal organs) Ugh, I don't feel like writing. Where are these coming from? Here's a UFO sighting. Someone learn a lesson.

  • 02:37 Lyrics

    I wanna _____!! I wanna _____ u!! Slide it on and in. Ritcheous battle! and you just win. She knows how she knows how she knows how she knows I have a problem and we blow past, strongly coughing. Wrongly I stopped talking. Walking fast, passed in stockings under a skirt. It works for her and down her thigh it cries a river. She slips. Concussed on the concrete like she's rarely ever on her feet. and me? I shed her knickers. With her vulnerable position I dig in but she's still wishing. I'm twisting. "meh." I bit her. "Nah." I licked until my glands ran dry, and man, I cant help but make you feel so good inside (insideinsideinsideinside) Inside me, theres a charming devil and he went easy on the lube. Inside her there's ..a charming devil and she's on a plane. She get's off and she's lei'd. She's on a plane where X and Y cross, she lost, she's lost, the cost of her watery... There's a minstrel on the ballroom floor and a scene in ma ma my girl. I'm retarded. 'twas a freak scene! I've held you while you slept. Kissed you until my lips chapped. There's a drought in my mind and you're the rain. Libido and emotion mix like oil and water. I was a popular nerd beforreeeeee nerds were popular. I'm the neatest slob you'll ever meet. I'll play yr scars like a washboard.

  • 04:26 Lyrics

    Lets talk about how what you're not supposed to talk about killed free speech. I hide my crimes in my rhymes. I wonder why I'm locked up. Searching for anything to keep my mind off everything. I'm not great. Rappers just suck at making sad songs. Call me a prophet. In 5 years I won't sound like this at all, nor will I voice the same opinions. The mini-naps between your late-replies are the only sleep I get and that's what keeps me functioning. The grains of salt I give are the only thing keeping me from munchin' up the luncheon hall. Ducking from the balls (lucky!) Suckin up the last glass. Half full, Half empty. Many drafts. Mini drafts. Close the window pls. I'm so proud and no ones around. Pounding fists into knees, the only drum kit found. Round welps increasing in size. Eyes focused on nothing. Locusts make the most of their buzz after leaving hybernation. Leave the shell, mosey on. Listen for that song. That buzz. That buzzing. Oh, lawd that buzzing. She defends a member of inprisonment. Meant for greater things. Splittin' from a prison like the seams splittin' on a written on wintercoat that you're tugging on from zero below. Frozen to the core. Don't want a fuckin orange, I'm bored and ..agh with the Lords mighty hand! Wait! Blake, I'll distract with this and try to escape a page from yr orange rhyming dictionary. This is fiction and fairies. Scary apocolypse in the literal sense cuz of digested meekrob. OH NO I know a dirty word (in the literal sense) Who thought this guy a simple nerd? Stay calm, I'm curteous. I'm the bird that shat on your car. I'm the dog shit in between yr toes. tf?? uh. iuno. "I don't know any better" sure goes a long way! Airspace to sore for me, the sport of controversy, let's talk about how religion rapes free speech. I'm passed the ozone. Airless space to sore. One more page for you to endure. Or just leave you wanting more. Welcome ladies and gents to my Controversial Court. She defends, yr frozen to the tome. It's a rerun, the show's been cancelled. Letters fly by, trying one more time to not overdo it by adding extra letters

  • 04:13 Lyrics
    Palanquin (feat. P.b. Floyd)

    Put up a parapet. Wear a half-witty wall of silence. In my head is the Papacy. and black smoke pours out my nose.It took me forever to get futuretro. Metro was a fad, now it's out. I've always been out. Not in that way, but hey, I hate hate, no doubt. I'm a hypocrite and a rapper who would quote George Strait (and Mike Birbiglia): "I Hate Everything" even the date, mofo! It's a no go. A nomad ready for a home. Omen left when I woke, I omit own rhetoric and hold the molded dear. I need some holding, dear. Holding dear. A dollar a day keeps the stomach outta pain. Nobody wants me, everyone's ashamed. So, I lock myself in a dungeon. The difference between eating to stop hunger and eating to not suffer. So, I lock myself in a dungeon. A planets dead message: Sunflowers are people too. Hundreds of lightyears; ancient when arrived new. A different time in the same clusters of life. In a dense state where no light can escape. Sever our own mist. Don't know our own fate. Disrupting solar system. Giant vortex of hate. So where do I go from here? Focused on the drop of an overused note. I can only rap slow. I feel like a joke sometimes. But sometimes it just flows. no use this time. So used to my wrist crying. Black scratches, ripped jeans and a hat for now. I scream it loud in a group, yet I cant find the crowd. Now isn't mine. Neither is tomorrow, nor was yesterday. Wreck this play. Break a string. Fake a sing. End a line just in time. Duffer roughing up the rap game. Fit a dactyl in a dictionary rap and plant me on a palanquin. Spit at me and call me master. Know me or call me bastard. Call me Gengar, cuz I evolved from Ghastly. I'm crafty, not to classy but all in between. How angry can I seem? How often do I just breathe? Time to just breathe. No pressure, blood starts to boil. Tasting the sunrays. Victims of deep space. Dried up, packaged and erased from our proper place. I'm an insecure ego maniac. Don't call me sir, I'm not better than you. Don't know what I want so someone please decide for me. Do Satanists die alone? Does their funeral host a corrido. Viking hats and democrats. Slutty kin, republican. None of it makes any sense. A squirrel away from blend. This quarrel away from blend. So, I lock myself in a dungeon.

  • 06:49
    Kurt Cobain Sucks
  • 04:10 Lyrics

    Brain stemmed a couple instrumentals and I'm the sentimental gentleman of simple rhymes turned poetry, no different. if anything not worthy of the swing kings osm moniker. thank you Mr Dorsey Duality is a man made line She tosses the crayon Aim's for your face's beautiful, you've no idea Neither do I You're in a collage of gummi bears with cotton candy enemas Enemies close. Send a bee a thorny rose. eyes closed is the only way I go. I know I repeat myself and I know I fuckin don't. So. oh. um. just choose your own story. don't color by the numbers or set aside another muttered under breath confession. Suppression isn't good, and what doesn't exists hurts the worst whats good to expand and promote, but can also cripple your thoughts til your brain stem chokes? Imagination. Ill carry your baby Accept the women's pain as long as I get nothing in return my turn get burned serve slur Kurdt sure murder of a curer who watches his life pass before his eyes every day and takes time while they take theirs for granted I'm in like with you too much. Life and Death are represented in my art. Life and Death are in one You're just alone-ish. Pressed into your chest your skipped heartbeats could be my own Inanimate doesn't mean emotionless Emotionless means inanimate, though. Your schedule will work out.Your power will prevail. Your high will last long enough.til you wake up and forget about me.I'm for comfort, no more, no less. I'm moral support. A cheerleader, ready to fuck the Multiple Voiced Panda, Who's in like with him too much *sigh* Life and Death are represented in my art. Life and death are in one. Duality is a man made line i tossed the crayon aimed for your faces. ugly, you have no idea. You're in a collage of rainbows and dead mice in plastic bags Aims for your face's (speechless) you have no idea. neither do I

  • 02:46 Lyrics
    How Two Get Famous, Step 1 (feat. Benign)

    Homeless threats are unfun. The sun runs dim. the rain runs through gutters, mudding sins. Something sits, others just ignore this. I wish I could be Where I wanted: stunted. Monday, one day. Another month is done. Maybe I'm dumb for "loving" those shunned, I'm sym-Pathetic in all the ways I'm bitter. Cricks in the neck crack a "Montage of Heck" Beds of "never been" host crimson blankets, the bull wins. Clock in for money that's not even yours. Mock opposites who are depressed on the north of the same magnet you south and ignore. We all tour. long for more. Ship to shore (to shore to shore to shore) too sure. so sure you're disappointed and bored. Apple to a core and you're still hungry and sore from the same full stomach. A dollar too much and your credit it fucked. HAY! credibility doesn't budge. Put me in a bag, shake it up, I am a cat. Throw me in the musty back, find the front to the tack. Spike wrist bands. Fight through hands. Pushing through the heavy bodies sweat soaking my hands. pushing through the heavy bodies, blood bath in my head. Saw it differently now I'm sitting in my bed and what's next? The tables have turned and now I'm looking back at mirrored lives through distraught eyes. People who need a "fuck the world" moment, sick of being shy. Quarter time. by the hour that flies, down highways, paying no mind to speed limit signs. Asleep at the wheel. Fast food bags, and instrumentals with hardly any skill. Will kills. (and Always Negates Defeat) We feed on the seeds of trees grown to be widdled into W.A.N.D.s, this'll prince yr fuckin frog. *kisses* misses or mistake. 3/4ths a paycheck later, going home on an empty tank and shake. Lost a little bit of face. I'm good but thanks. Lost a little bit of sweat or dignity in that last place.

  • 12:44 Lyrics

    Maybe now. Postmortem sleep habits. Dirty sheets, crawling bugs. No z's. Maybe now. Wake up and dread the thought of returning. Nights never change. Days never stay the same. Sleep isn't fun but the cold side of the pillow always was and it's time to turn again. I finally sleep. I dream. Keep the peace for 40 winks. Leave and arrive. Sweep through the sky. Dive towards a bright color pattern, plummet, die. You are my nightlight. I'm up again. again. staring at nothing again. Counting bumps on the ceiling. Tracing bumps on my skin. It's attached to the wall to soother me and make me "fall," crawl and cuddle my excess blanket. Take it off cuz I'm baking. Soaking the mattress in sweat. Shortened breath. Dehydrated lungs dripping wet. Ripping chest. Spreading limbs give up and let it win. Is it setting in? Is it setting in? Is it? I've got an hour in. It's brand new. classic. I lay in a malaise this great state. Awake breaking from fake. The day just started and I burned the back of my mouth. But that's just one more thing that I won't talk about. I lost the bout Vs. luck. persistence paid off so well! My all isn't enough. Pills are 20 bucks and dangerous. I hear "save it for us" I am jack's commitment. I'll cure it for us. Murder without shedding blood. Embedded crust blinds me into stepping above thumbtacks on my way to grab snacks/sack/slacks/cracked glasses/IcyHot for my sore.. or thats. idunno. i never know. ikr. Count the "maybe nows." Make me pay. I've purchased nothing.

Odd music for odd people by a guy with a Weird Name. Odder Moniker crawled from the depths of the asscrack between the american redneck and gyspy (the bad kind) breeding ground left asscheek and the gangster, g money, lil wayne right ass cheek of Fort Worth. He and his friends started their own pseudo-label by the name of Vizzie Inc. and they all love to be sarcastic. all songs written, performed, recorded and produced …
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